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Welcome! We are here to fill your interest to know about us. For a short overview, we are three best friends who will be helping you with everything that you need. We have our precious knowledge over different kinds of shoes, sports items, outdoor activities, and about all the related stuff that you are tired of seeking the solution to online.

What Is FootInsider? 

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FootInsider is a solution-giving and reviewing site that will help you with every sort of information related to shoes, sports items, outdoor activities, and all the associated stuff. Here we will help you to understand, analyze, review and compare thousands of available shoes, sports items, outdoor activity materials. We will share our personally tested honest reviews and learn about these kinds of stuff. Our second most priority is to share different information about the trends, suitable items for you, and maintenance procedure if you are in trouble. Lastly, we will also give you a well-analyzed result on people’s experience over these items. 

Who are we? 

The appearance of this question is normal. We are happy to share that we are three best friends that you will hear from on this site. Each of us is an expert in different sectors that you will get to know. 

M kim

M. Kim

Founder of FootInsider

Email: [email protected]

Hello dear readers! Welcome to I am M.Kim, and I am here as a footwear expert to suggest to you all the amazing stuff that you are missing out on. I have been dealing with different sorts of footwear for the last 6 years because of my passion for footwear.

My collection and self-testing have offered me to know a lot about the popular footwear and the inside stories. So I know what to suggest and which will be better for you for a long time. As a result, despite flowing with the current, you will always have my advice to follow for a better shot. 

I will let you know about different types of shoes, heels, boots, slippers. You will get my investigated reviews, informative guidelines about footwear. Also, any sort of inquiries from you will be answered after proper research.

Hey there! I’m one of the writers for My name is Jene Chertoff. I will be helping you with all your foot-related issues and the fashion concerns, trends, what to wear, and what not to wear for a better style. 

Everything that I will suggest will be accurate and legit to follow. Being a follower of the fashion industry for the last 3 years, I know exactly what’s on-trend and what to suggest to you. Keep your hopes high and keep surfing here.


Jene Chertoff

Email: [email protected]

What We Do Here?

We figure out the best products depending on our research, personal knowledge, and people’s reviews. We sort out top products relying on their service, quality, and features. For most of the items, we self-test the items before we suggest them here. After brief research and testing, surveys, we suggest you our top accumulated products and pieces of information. 

How We Make the Best Product Reviews?

We go through an entire procedure before we suggest a product. Here are what we do: 

  • Among thousands of the available products, we sort out the top picks with our research. 
  • We get the products and self-test those thoroughly. 
  • We check the important features, find out the best service of each of the products and mark those out. 
  • We figure out the pros and cons sincerely. 
  • Finally, we share every piece of information in an article with a comparison chart, pros, and cons, the most important key features, with our thought, self-test reviews, and at last our testimonials. 

Our standards

  • We are fond of sports, cool and comfortable lifestyle, outdoor activities
  • We implement honesty as our priority to serve you something that you will be benefited from.

If you want to contact with us for ask any questions we are here!

You can contact with us by email : [email protected]