Are Vans Non Slip? Features And Facts About Vans Shoes

So, you’ve got a new job with a slippery floor and need a pair of non slip shoes. That lands you on the question, are vans non slip? Yes, I find Vans are very non slip.

Vans was immensely popular with skateboarding in the beginning because it provided better traction to the ground. Later, it became a favorite among people who work in restaurants. Nowadays, anyone looking for a non slip pair of shoes to adjust to slippery floors thinks of vans as their primary choice.  

Are Vans Non Slip

Are Vans Non Slip? What Makes Vans Non Slip? 

Vans shoes come with some unique features, making them better at the grip to avoid unwanted accidents. Let’s look at few exciting features among many others. 

High-Quality Rubber Outsoles

When you think of good grip, rubber is the first material to come to mind. Well, the outsoles of vans shoes use rubber to create more excellent non slip features. 

You can get robust traction if your shoe outsole is made out of rubber. However, not all rubbers are of high quality. Low-quality rubber outsoles can’t grant you the grip you seek. 

Besides, inferior quality material will result in speedy wear and tear, causing you extra expense. The outsoles on vans shoes feature superior rubber material, ensuring durability. 

The manufacturer uses two unique steps to bake the rubber material in the shoes. The overall structure of vans ensures superior friction between the slippery, greasy, and wet surfaces, helping you walk and run swiftly without the fear of any accidents. 

Tread Patterns

There are circular tread patterns on the shoes. Even though they don’t seem very functional, they can help the shoes grip the ground more firmly. In addition, these patterns are constructive when it comes to preventing anything greasy from coming in contact with the shoes. 

The tread patterns increase a shoe’s non slip feature by preventing water and grease from the shoe. 

How To Tell If A Shoe Is Non Slip?

Many brands advertise their shoes being non slip. However, not all of them are advertising the shoes as they are. The good news is, you can check for some detailed features to determine whether a shoe is non slip or not. 

  • Tread patterns are a brilliant place to start when identifying a non slip shoe. You’ll notice patterns of different shapes like circles, squares, hexagons, etc., on the shoe’s outsole. These patterns help the shoe to get a good grip on the surface. Even though most of them help provide traction, the circular ones work the best.
  • Look for smaller tread patterns. Some shoes feature large patterns, which aren’t very convincing at being non slip. 
  • The depth of the tread patterns plays an essential role in determining the slip resistance feature. The deeper the patterns are, the better they’ll prevent slipping. So, instead of going for shallow tread patterns, go for the deeper ones. 
  • Materials matter, especially the outsole’s material. Rubber is the most efficient raw material for shoe outsoles for its natural frictional nature. So if the shoe’s outsole is made of high-quality rubber, you can rest assured that you’ll get a satisfactory grip on all floor types. 
  • You can determine whether the sole is made of rubber or not by touching it. If it’s hard, the shoe may not be non slip. On the contrary, if the material feels soft in your hands, there’s a high chance of the shoe being non slip. 
  • If you’ve already bought the shoe, you can pour some water, soap, or oily substance on the ground and walk on the surface wearing the shoes. It’ll grant you an idea about how non slip your shoes are. However, exercise extreme caution because if the shoes aren’t non slip, you’ll end up in an accident. 

Other Non Slip Shoes

Other than vans, you’ll find two other names when it comes to the best slip-resistance feature- Converse, and Crocs. 


The Converse is one of the most popular ones when it comes to anti-skid shoes. Like vans, these shoes come with deep tread patterns to grant you superior grip even when you’re on a greasy surface.

In addition, converse shoes are also durable, offer protection, and are heavyweight in nature.   


Cros is primarily popular among chefs because the kitchen is wet almost all the time. The three best things about Crocs shoes are they are slip-resistant, odor-resistant, and easy to clean. 

There’s one downside, though. It’s not an all-rounder shoe. As a result, you can’t get much support wearing these shoes, making them less suitable as casual wear. 

How Does A Non Slip Shoe Work? 

Non slip shoe designs let you walk and even run on wet surfaces without slipping. So even though a non-skid shoe doesn’t guarantee that you won’t fall, it sure decreases the chances. 

 Slip-resistant shoes use rubber to create a unique pattern on the outsole that increases the grip on the ground. These patterns prevent greasy substances from getting in touch with the shoe and ensures superior stability. 

Unlike casual flat shoes, non-skid shoes feature deep tread patterns, making them more stable and traction. You may find it challenging to get a pair of shoes that combines all features. 

For example, Crocs will grant you a non-skid feature, but they’re not excellent at providing arch comfort. Similarly, some shoes may look fashionable but can’t offer you slip resistance. 

Vans finds common ground with all those features. In addition, you’ll notice that Vans shoes are fashionable, comfortable to wear, durable, and slip-resistant. 

 So, if you’re searching for a pair of shoes to fulfill your need for slip resistance, you can trust Vans with your eyes closed. 

How To Make Your Shoes Non Slip?

Let’s assume you’re tight on budget and looking for temporary ways to make your shoes non slip. There are a few unique tricks you can give a try. 

  • Scuffing the outsole can provide a rough texture to get a more stable grip on the ground. When you buy new shoes, you can remove the outer layer by scuffing them to increase slip resistance. 
  • You will find anti-skid sprays for your shoes. That’s a whole lot budget-friendly than getting new shoes. 
  • Using craft paints to create a rough layer on the outsole can also help.
  • If you wish to cut costs, you can get anti-slip outsoles instead of getting a new pair of shoes. 

Remember that most of these solutions aren’t permanent. If you work or visit a place with slippery floors regularly, I suggest you invest in a pair of durable non slip shoes.  

How To Care For Your Non Slip Shoes?

Buying a pair of high-quality anti-skid shoes doesn’t end your responsibilities. If you want to make your shoes long-lasting, you have to take care of them. Fortunately, shoe maintenance isn’t much hard work. 

  • The rule of thumb for any shoes is to keep them clean, especially the tread patterns. These things make your shoe slip-resistant. So, if there’s dirt and mud in them, the shoes won’t perform as they’re supposed to. 
  • If you’re visiting somewhere muddy regularly, clean your shoes after returning. The initial thing you can do is to bang both shoes together to remove the dirt residing inside. Make sure you’ve let the mud dry before doing it. 
  • If, however, the dirt is stubborn, use an old toothbrush. Make the brush wet and remove the dirt from the shoes. 
  • Keeping your shoes clean preserves not only its slip-resistant ability but also removes any foul odor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What features make a shoe non slip? 

High-quality rubber materials are one of the significant features in making a shoe anti-slip. In addition, tread patterns grant a shoe more splendid traction and robust grip. The deeper the patterns, the better. 

Q. What shoes are non slip?

The best three shoes to provide the non slip feature are Vans, Converse, and Crocs. All of them have their upwards and downwards. So you can for any one of them, depending on your fashion preference. 

Q. Can I turn my shoes into a non slip pair? 

You can. But, it’ll be a temporary fix. Hacks like paints, spray coatings, scuffing, etc., will temporarily grant you an anti-slip feature. However, you can get anti-skip outsoles for your shoes if you want them to be permanently non slip. 

Q. How to take care of my non slip shoes?

Keep your shoes clean. Don’t let the dirt reside inside the trad patterns. Clean the soles regularly to get odorless and durable shoes. 

Q. How to make non slip shoes?

Here are a few important tips on how to make nonslip shoes.

Final Words

Next time you hear someone arguing about ‘are vans non slip or not,’ make your case. Most Vans shoes are satisfyingly slip-resistant. As a result, they’re one of the top choices for sports like skateboarding.

In addition, Vans can deal with any slippery, wet, and greasy floors, making it convenient for you to avoid accidents. However, keep in mind that these shoes don’t guarantee that you won’t fall while wearing them. 

 But, they do make the possibility a lot lower. The rest depends on how you deal with it.

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