Best Shoes For Baristas In 2021 [Expert’s Recommendation]

As a barista in a jam-packed cafe, you always have to stay right on your feet. And considering the long hours, it’s impossible to do that unless you’re wearing comfortable enough shoes.

Without them, it won’t even take a moment for you to get extremely tired during rush hours. As such, today’s article is all about the best shoes for baristas in 2021.

Working in a cafe is certainly not the easiest job in the world, especially as an overworked barista. However, with the right shoes with air-cushioned and slip-resistant soles, you can tone down the level of exhaustion.

So, let’s have a look into some of the best barista shoes out there alongside their special features and advantages. And as per usual, don’t forget to skim through the buying guide to figure out your preferred specifications.

Best Shoes For Baristas: Overview

Why Do Baristas Need Special Barista Shoes?

Unfortunately enough, as a barista, looks matter more than you’d initially think. But then again, the same concept applies to pretty much every profession out there. To say the least, people, i.e., customers are much more likely to pursue the services of certain well-dressed personnel.

According to a study by Wendy Pojmann in the ZoneModa Journal, aesthetics directly play a massive role in the world of cafés and coffees. It’s synonymous with the freedom of expression and, simultaneously, identification for many.

From bearded hipsters to tattooed artists, baristas serve up their latte specialties in all corners of the world. Again, some coffee brands prefer to strictly stick to a distinctive get-up to maintain the order of the business.

And while that’s blatantly a marketing strategy, baristas, especially the newcomers, still find a way to allow self-expression for themselves. Needless to say, shoes play an important, if not the most integral, part in such a movement.

Even with stern clothing and accessories, you can still strap on a pair of amazing sneakers. Such a simple act is enough for you to not only look but also feel very different from others.

You can put down your own signature with these shoes, whether they’re sneakers or platforms. Many baristas even prefer to wear heels from time to time. Although, that’s really not recommended for multiple reasons.

Because shoes, first and foremost, aren’t about aesthetics and self-expression. They’re there to provide comfort and convenience. And without those two, you cannot possibly hope to effectively work in a competitive environment.

So, you must choose shoes that best go with work ethics for enhanced productivity. For instance – slip-resistant sneakers will help you battle the slippery tiles in the cafés. And sneakers with mesh fabric uppers will let your feet breathe properly throughout the long hours.

Again, you won’t have a headache even if you accidentally slip something on them with waterproof shoes. Without having to worry about such annoying hiccups, you’ll get to fully focus on your career as an excellent barista. 

3 Best Shoes For Baristas: Comparison Table

Barista Shoes ModelProminent FeaturesPrice
Best Shoes For Baristas
  • 100% mesh upper
  • Imported model
  • Slip-resistant
  • Non-slip rubber soles
Shoes For Baristas
  • True to size
  • Synthetic soles
  • Yellow welt stitching
  • Air-cushioned soles
  • Wicking sock liners
Best Shoes For Baristas
  • Oil-resistant outsoles
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Anti-compression insoles
  • Non-marking outsoles
  • 1.25″ Heel

Top 7 Best Shoes For Baristas In 2021

Well, that concludes the brief overview of today’s top three choices. Any of these three can make for a great pair of shoes under the right circumstances. 

Especially if you work in the foodservice industry as a barista, waiter, or even a chef, they’ve got all the significant properties that align perfectly with your line of work.

However, not everyone’s satisfied by only a glimpse of the functions and features. So, for them, we researched for hours and came up with a list of the seven best shoes for baristas.

Feel free to go through these reviews if you’d like to know more about the best barista shoes in the market as of now. Hopefully, you’ll come across the perfect pair of shoes right away. 

1. Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh Shoe

Skechers is more than well-known for its line of comfortable and affordable shoes. No matter which sector you work in, they always have something up their sleeves. And the best thing about them? Most often than not, their shoes are completely true to size. So, with the Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh Shoe, you wouldn’t have to worry about any sizing issues.

You’ll find the Bronaugh shoes in two colors – black and white, respectively. Both of them have rubber soles, and as a result, they’re slip and skid-resistant at the same time. They also come with 100% mesh fabric uppers which make them really great for warm areas. So, if you require utmost breathability, you can rely on the Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh Shoes.


  • Highly soft and comfortable
  • Doesn’t skid at all
  • Sturdy yet breathable uppers


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Kind of hard to wash/clean

2. Dr. Martens, Women’s 1461 Oxford Shoe

Dr. Martens Men’s 8053 OxfordDr. Martens, Women’s 1461 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe
Dr. Martens Men's 8053 OxfordDr. Martens, Women's 1461 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe

Now here’s a pair of shoes that makes you feel confident and comfortable all at once. The Women’s 1461 Oxford Shoes from Dr. Martens collection is anything but flimsy and fragile. With proper maintenance, you can last these Oxfords for ages, and they’ll still look just fine.

However, they’re indeed a little costly due to the industrial-grade waterproof leather uppers. But that also means that they’re spill-resistant and comparatively easy to clean. Furthermore, the strategically-placed memory foam pads with moisture-absorbent sock liners ensure proper comfort and breathability. 


  • Industrial-grade leather construction
  • Includes moisture-wicking liners
  • GRIP-TRAX central rubber pods for next-level slip-resistant properties


  • Considerably high-priced
  • Needs time to break in properly

3. Vans Low-Top Trainers Sneaker

Even more so, these sneakers come in so many different designs and patterns. From black suede to baby pink – they have it all. The platform goes up to around 2″ and thus, can support and distribute your weight evenly. Additionally, the textile uppers are soft & give you more than enough room to breathe easily. And if aesthetics is what you’re after, get the colorful ones. They really make your outfit pop and goes nicely with that bland barista get-up. Sneakers work perfectly on all sorts of occasions since they’re both casual and comfortable. So, as a barista, you cannot go wrong with a pair of the Vans Low-Top Trainers Sneakers in your wardrobe.


  • Colorful variations
  • High platforms
  • Comfortable rubber soles


  • Lacks hefty support
  • Comparatively pricey

4. Dr. Scholl’s Harrington II

For work shoes, Dr. Scholl’s is always such a reliable choice. They do have a little reputation for being pricey. But the gorgeous leather design is enough to make anyone forget about the substantial pricing factor. If you’re a shoe connoisseur, you have to have one of these ravishing leather boots in your cupboard.

As for specific features, let’s talk about the special Lock Step outsoles first. The outsoles are both slip-resistant and oil-resistant. So, cleaning them isn’t a big deal after all. Furthermore, the outsoles abide by the famous SATRA TM63 and TM144 standards. On the other hand, the anti-compression insoles with memory foams ensure a high level of comfort. In fact, in terms of comfort, they easily beat the industry average due to the Dri-Lex sock liners. 


  • Perfect cushioning
  • Gorgeous and true to size
  • Non-marking outsoles


  • Definitely pricey
  • Soles require high-end maintenance

5. Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Work Shoe

Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip ResistantFila Women’s Disruptor Ii Premium Sneaker
Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip ResistantFila Women's Disruptor Ii Premium Sneaker

In your hunt for the best shoes for baristas, you’ll eventually come across the Fila Men’s Shoes sooner or later. They’re one of the only brands that have still managed to preserve enough integrity and quality alongside reasonable pricing. The fact that the Memory Workshift Work Shoes are imported with 100% leather uppers only goes to prove that point.

As you can probably decide from the name itself, these shoes were literally made to withstand the chaotic work environment. The difference between the shaft and arch region is about 3″ – making this one the tallest work shoes thus far. The height alongside the upgraded perforations ensures better stability and breathability all in one sitting. 


  • Memory foam sock liners
  • 100% leather uppers
  • Stitching accents with added perforations


  • Slightly heavy to carry around
  • Some customers complain of inconsistencies

6. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoes

If you like the feel of latex foam beds, you should totally go for the Rockport Eureka Walking Shoes. Their latex foam footbed is both cozy and comfy, especially in a workaholic environment. But not too cozy and constricted that your feet become numb. The added Strobel will provide forefoot flexibility for decent maneuverability and aftermath.

Extra flexibility is ensured by the 100% San Crispino imported uppers. They’re light on the feet and give the impression of sleek and sophisticated brown boots. Unlike some of the other shoes, the rubber soles don’t have any kind of metal shanks. So, if you run a cafe by the airport, you’ve got nothing to worry about. 


  • Flexible San Crispino construction
  • Slip-resistant on both icy and oily surfaces
  • Latex foam footbed for stability


  • Sudden decline in quality
  • Soles lack proper support

7. Nunn Bush Men’s Barklay Canvas Oxford

The Nunn Bush Oxfords fill up the last slot on today’s list of best shoes for baristas. They’re also, by far, the most affordable shoes on this list. So, if you’re running a little low on budget, you can grab this pair of oxfords without a second thought. Despite coming in at a low price, the quality of these shoes meets standards.

For instance – they sport the premium canvas uppers for long-lasting performance. Plus, there’s always the classic oxford detailing to give the shoes a refined look. From jeans to shorts, you can pull off any outfit with these. And as for comfort and all-day support, the superior cushioning heel pods will take care of all that and more. 


  • Sleek and casual design
  • Highly affordable
  • Exceptional durability


  • Needs time to break in properly
  • Gel pods may rupture if handled incorrectly

How To Choose The Best Barista Shoes?

We’ve already introduced you to the seven best shoes for baristas in the market as of now. However, in order to make an informed decision, you need to know what to look for. So, here’s a brief overview of all the factors you should prioritize while getting shoes like these:


Breathability is the very first factor you should focus on since it paves the way for ultimate comfort and stability. Without enough room to breathe properly, your feet will soon feel stuck inside the shoes. And that will not only make you uncomfortable but also sick in the long run.

Because without air, it becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. You can also develop fungal infections from long-term exposure to moisture. As such, ensuring breathability should be your top priority if you’re choosing shoes for baristas.


Never settle for anything less than industrial-grade materials for work shoes. Cheap ones won’t last a day amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy café.

Again, make sure you feel comfortable wearing that specific material. For instance – some baristas might be lethargic to leather uppers. When that’s the case, mesh combos or canvas uppers can really make a difference.

Slip-resistant Properties

If you’re dealing with beverages, something is bound to spill on the floor sooner or later. Especially in cafés, where you’ll have to deal with different food items as well. 

So, always choose shoes that can withstand the oily, i.e., slippery surfaces. Waterproof shoes are a lifesaver in this case. Because that way, you can just simply wipe away the spilled food or coffee and get on with your day.


The thing with buying shoes online – it’s hard to track down the original sizing in advance. Imagine buying a pair of really cute shoes only to find that it doesn’t even fit you.

In most cases, if you’re unsure about the sizing, always order a size up. It’s a simple trick that actually ends up working every time. Remember – the shoes are bound to tighten up a little anyway over time and sunlight exposure.

You can consult the customer reviews for further references. In addition to the sizing issues, they’ll give you so much insight on maintenance and subsequent repairing as well.

Precautionary Measures: Featured Guidelines

  • If you’re not using your barista shoes regularly, make sure to store them in a safe place
  • Do not let dust gather on the leather uppers for a long time
  • Try your best not to spill coffee or anything hot on your work shoes, even if they’re waterproof
  • Avoid scrubbing the surface vigorously if your work shoes have leather uppers
  • Do not use corrosive substances as cleaners
  • Always consult customer reviews to figure out the appropriate size for yourself in advance
  • Read the instructions thoroughly once you open the package, so you don’t forget about them later
  • Don’t keep anything heavy on your shoes unless you want to see them deformed
  • Make sure your feet are thoroughly clean before wearing such work shoes
  • Always wear proper socks with your shoes to prevent blisters and similar incidents
  • Don’t go for days in the same shoes without taking them off from time to time
  • If your feet start to smell, take proper medications and change shoes immediately

Final Verdict

So, did you get to find all about the best shoes for baristas yet? And by that, did you find the perfect pair of barista shoes for your next job at the cafe? Well, we certainly hope that you did!

It doesn’t seem like that big of a decision compared to all other responsibilities, and we get it. But a pair of great barista shoes can make everything not as complicated and challenging.

Bottom line – you don’t have to rush through everything all at once. Sit back and choose a pair of the perfect shoes for your new job as a phenomenal barista. After all – as long as you’re not physically comfortable, you cannot do anything to fix the mental turbulence either.


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