10 Best Shoes For Car Salesman In 2021 [Our Top Picks]

The journey of a car salesman is anything but easy and convenient. It’s a career that requires sheer dedication and commitment. Unlike many other jobs, you can’t simply get a pass here just by showcasing educational qualifications.

You absolutely have to be a people person and trustworthy. And not just any people-person, you have to actually convince people to go for the best possible deals.

That’s a lot of quotas to fulfill already. But funnily enough, that doesn’t even cover the premises of the overall responsibilities. In addition to having decent communication skills, you’ll need to be charming as well. 

And dressing up nicely and wearing nice shoes plays a really important role in achieving that. As such, we’ll be reviewing the 10 best shoes for car salesman in today’s article. With the help of these gorgeous dress shoes, you can go back to impressing all customers like never before. 

Best Car Salesman Shoes: Overview


Why Should Car Salesmen Get Special Work Shoes For Themselves?

According to Devin B. Phillips, in a study concerning the influence of work clothing on physiological performance, heavy shoes decreased the peak work performance. 

In simplified terms, workers couldn’t perform as well when they felt uncomfortable in their outfits, i.e., shoes. That just goes to show the correlation between comfort and good shoes in work life. And it’s the same for car salesmen.

In addition to comfort, they need to keep up with their appearance too. As such, dress shoes like Oxfords are the perfect option for people pursuing such an illustrious career. 


Top 4 Shoes For Car Salesman: Prominent Features

ZRIANG Classic Oxford Lace-Up Shoes


ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford Shoes

Premium synthetic leather constructionPolyurethane soles
Streamlined arch supportMoisture-wicking lining
Dual closing structureShock point outsoles
Environment-friendly Materials100% imported leather
Check PriceCheck Price



Florsheim Medfield Oxford Shoes

Bruno Marc Men’s Formal Oxfords

Burnished finishingConsiderably lightweight
Pattern variationsHalf inch platforms with arch support
Removable footbedHigh flexibility
Stability heel cupsCushioned insoles for comfort
Check PriceCheck Price


10 Best Shoes For Car Salesman: Detailed Reviews

It’s obvious how the right shoes can truly make a difference in the career of a car salesman. However, starting to look for one such pair of shoes is a whole other pain in the world. If you don’t have pre-existing experience regarding the dos and don’ts, you may just get scammed.

Fortunately for you, our team spent two sleepless nights going over the specifications of the best salesman’s shoes. By the end, we were able to come up with a list of the ten best Oxfords in the market. 

Most of these shoes are timeless classics, and people have relied on them for generations. And while the incarnated versions have both their flaws and strength, they’re perfect in today’s world for confident personas.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into the detailed reviews, shall we?

1. ZRIANG Classic Oxford Lace-Up Shoes

ZRIANG Classic Oxford Lace-Up Shoes
ZRIANG is more or less a well-known store among avid customers for coming up with premium-grade leather Oxfords. This one, for instance, is shaped in the British Brogue style for maximum ingenuity and poshness. As they say in the west, it’s a symbol of true gentlemen.

The streamlined upper arcs with classic wingtips – a retro combo indeed. However, to maintain functionality, you’ll get to choose between two different types of closing systems. You can either go for the lace structure to look more elegant or the buckle one for easy access.

Q: Are these classic Oxfords true to size?

Mostly, yes. But if you find yourself in-between sizes, the manufacturers recommend going down a size instead.

Q: Can we enable the slip-on method with these Oxfords?

With the buckle shape, yes, you can.

Q: Is it real or artificial leather?

ZRIANG utilizes synthetic, i.e., artificial environment-friendly leather for these shoes.


2. ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford Shoes

ECCO Men's Helsinki Oxford Shoes

The Men’s Helsinki Oxford Shoes looks both professional and fancy on its own terms. As a result, it’s perfect to fit the role of a car salesman. The moisture-absorbent insoles will even keep your feet dry and warm if your work involves a lot of running and jumping around.

However, they’re a little pricey compared to similar shoes in such categories. But then again, these shoes do come with imported polyurethane foam soles for maximum comfort, agility, and flexibility. Besides, the heel extends up to 1″ for better adjustability and stability.

Q: Are the shoes leather-made?

Yes, the ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford Shoes are 100% imported leather shoes.

Q: What are the soles made of?

The soles are pure rubber, and they’re highly durable for long-term usage.

Q: Are these Oxfords waterproof?

Not necessarily waterproof, but since they do have a leather exterior, they’re more or less water-resistant under manageable conditions.


3. Florsheim Medfield Oxford Shoes

Florsheim Medfield Oxford Shoes

Let’s talk about the Medfield Oxford Shoes from Florsheim next from one pair of expensive shoes to the other. They may cost over 100 bucks easily, but rest assured when we say that they’re worth every penny. The quality of the imported leather alone is a game-changer in this case.

Furthermore, if you struggle with stabilization, these shoes can help you out greatly. The insoles are stocked up with Ortholite High Rebound Foam which is both soft and shock-absorbing. As such, you won’t feel that extra bump in your heels while walking around.

Q: Do these Oxfords come with a burnished finish?

Yes, the Florsheim Medfield Oxford Shoes come with a burnished finish.

Q: What sort of linings are used in these shoes?

These Oxfords feature moisture-wicking Suedetec breathable linings.

Q: What’s the measurement of the heel height?

They go up to 1-inch or so.


4. Bruno Marc Men’s Formal Oxfords

Bruno Marc Men's Formal Oxfords
Bruno Marc is an allrounder when it comes to providing professional and authentic-looking work shoes. These Men’s Formal Oxfords are especially off the charts in terms of both practicality and functionality. At this point, they might as well represent themselves as a part of the official car salesman attire.

If you’re a tall person, you might find these Oxfords comfortable since the platform’s only half an inch in height. Additionally, the shoes come with super flexible outsoles. With the right size, you won’t even feel the burden of these shoes while dealing with customers.

Q: What makes the soles flexible?

The Bruno Marc Men’s Formal Oxfords have flexible outsoles due to the premium-quality rubber bottom in them.

Q: Do they absorb inner moisture like sweat?

Yes, the soft latex insoles double as moisture-wicking insoles for enhanced absorption.

Q: Are they breathable enough?

The premium leather lining can ensure all-around breathability for multiple hours.


5. Hallow unbind Handmade Leather Oxfords

Hallow unbind Handmade Leather Oxfords

If you, too, are a fan of full grain leather Oxfords, then these Hallow unbind shoes are just for you. First and foremost – they’re handmade. And if you’re a shoe connoisseur, we don’t have to tell you how highly that’s perceived in the shoe world.

From the polishing to the dyeing, everything’s taken care of intricately via an actual person. It’s manufactured from Polaris – a high-grade full-grain leather from Italy. And the dyed leather ‘Fenice’ is also from there. When you strap on a pair of such shoes, you can simply feel the dedication that went into their creation.

Q: Can I get them in customized colors?

While customization isn’t directly available, you can choose from the usual black, brown, and dark brown shades.

Q: Are these dress shoes?

Yes, they’re semi-brogue dress shoes.

Q: Are their removable insoles?

No, the insole’s unfortunately made of non-removable leather.


6. Clarks Raharto Plain Oxford Shoes

Clarks Raharto Plain Oxford Shoes

The Clarks Raharto oxfords can go super nicely with a car salesman outfit if you’re a fan of simplistic oxfords. Even though they’re made of leather, they don’t have any such extravagant features or functionalities.

As such, it’s great for casual usage and day-to-day operations. Plus, the soft padded cushioning helps to increase the comfort level. And you get removable soles, unlike most oxfords, so that you can clean them thoroughly.

Q: What sort of linings can I get here?

The Clarks Raharto Oxfords feature plain textile linings along with insoles.

Q: Will these shoes feel heavy on the feet?

If anything, they’ll feel extra lightweight.

Q: Do these come with an ortholite footbed?

Yes, they feature ortholite footbeds for extra soft cushioning purposes.


7. Johnston and Murphy Melton Dress Shoes

Johnston and Murphy Melton Dress Shoes

Since there’s no specific car salesman dress code, there’s no reason for you to push back your limits. For instance – nothing’s stopping you from blinging it up every once in a while. And the Johnston and Murphy Melton Dress Shoes were made for occasions just like that.

They’re super expensive and, by default, super extra. And we’d expect nothing less from a pair of shoes that are crafted from personally chosen European leather. If you are hell-bent on impressing a potential mega client, these are the shoes that you should be wearing around them. 

Q: What colors are these available in?

These dress shoes are available in black, tan, and burgundy calfskin as of now.

Q: What’s the specialty of the Optima comfort system?

They offer multi-layer cushioning for extra comfort.

Q: Is the Goodyear Welt construction worth it?

They’ll allow these shoes to be re-soled by a cobbler in the future for maximum functionality.


8. DESAI Classic Leather Oxford Dress Shoes

DESAI Classic Leather Oxford Dress Shoes
While the market’s not saturated with shoes for a female car salesman attire, these ones can fit in nicely enough. They’re simplistic looking, functional, and, most importantly, long-lasting.

The DESAI classic oxfords are designed by experienced Italian designers and manufactured accordingly. The Goodyear-themed design is enough to recognize the amazing craftsmanship and quality of these Oxfords.

Q: Is the sizing chart accurate?

With the right conversion method, it’s accurate.

Q: What’s the smallest size for these Oxfords?

The smallest size is 8 as of now.

Q: Are the linings textile?

Both the uppers and linings are leather.


9. Mezlan Montes Hand-Burnished Leather Shoes

Mezlan Montes Hand-Burnished Leather Shoes

The Mezlan Montes Hand-Burnished Leather Shoes is another great choice if you’re into handcrafted leather Oxfords. They’re pretty well known among a selected few customers for their incomparable quality.

They’re handcrafted in Spain and manufactured from premium calfskin leather uppers and calf linings. Furthermore, the memory foam soles take care of your comfort while the leather linings absorb excess moisture.

Q: Is the size accurate enough?

Yes, all Mezlan Montes Oxfords are true to size.

Q: Where are these handcrafted in?

They’re handcrafted by professional shoemakers in Almansa, Spain.


10. Florsheim Montinaro Wingtip Oxford Shoes

Florsheim Montinaro Wingtip Oxford Shoes

Lastly, if you’re looking for the best shoes for car salesman, don’t forget to check out the Montinaro Wingtip Oxfords! Florsheim literally never disappoints when it comes to professional-grade dress shoes and oxfords.

They’re available in three different shades – brown, saddle tan smooth, and black smooth. The memory foam technology ensures maximum comfort while the leather uppers provide ingenuity and breathability.

Q: Are the soles leather as well?

No, the soles are non-leather?

Q: Are these Oxfords true to size?

They are, but the manufacturers advise you to go for the lower size if you’re in-between sizes.


Salesman Shoes: Buying Guide

There’s honestly not much to say in terms of a buying guide for car salesman shoes. Pretty much anything can pass as long as it’s professional and comfortable.

Here’s a brief overview of all the factors you should concern yourself with –


By durability, we mean the material and the subsequent material construction. Dress shoes are quite expensive most of the time. So, if you’re buying them, buy the durable ones. Generally, customer reviews are a dead giveaway if the shoes are truly reliable or not.

Moisture Resistance

Salesman shoes don’t necessarily have to be waterproof. However, long-term exposure can build up moisture over time. It’s best to get shoes that can get rid of such moisture before it develops any bacterial infection.


Finally, comfort has undeniable value in all sorts of careers. If the shoes aren’t comfortable, there’s no point in spending your whole month’s salary on them. Go for the ones with the extra cushioning to keep your feet cozy & warm. 


Advanced Precautionary Guidelines

  • Never wear leather shoes if it’s raining outside
  • Never use degraded coloring or cleaning agent on leather uppers
  • Treat Oxfords with the utmost kindness while cleaning
  • Do not try to remove the leather insoles unless it’s specifically approved in the package
  • Make sure to not step into muddy waters if you’re wearing leather Oxfords
  • Wear protective shoe covers if it’s snowing outside
  • Always wear appropriate socks with your leather shoes
  • If you’re allergic to leather, stop wearing genuine leather Oxfords


Final Verdict

With that, it’s time to conclude today’s article on the best shoes for car salesman in recent years. It’s definitely not an easy task figuring out the right pair of shoes in careers like these. 

You end up meeting people from all walks of life every day. And even more so, you absolutely have to come across as charming before every single one of them. That’s, by default, a really tall order to live up to.

But it’s also surprising how much can change once you put some effort into your wardrobe. Because one way or the other, your clothing and shoes are the first things that people will notice about you. So, you might as well get some vintage and retro shoes to impress them.

Hopefully, this article helped you know about not one or two, but 10 such impressive shoes. When you’ve been sporting such classic yet bold dress shoes, customers will have a hard time rejecting your potential offers. 

After all, nothing makes you radiate as much confidence as the perfect pair of Oxfords.


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