Best Shoes for Mail Carriers : Top 10 Picks 2022

You spend your days walking through snow, rain, and mud. Your job is physically demanding and requires you to wear heavy work boots.

The right shoes can make all the difference in keeping you safe on the job as a mail carrier. 

They should be comfortable enough for extended periods of time but also provide adequate support so that you don’t injure yourself while doing your job.

The best shoes for mail carriers will keep your feet protected while also providing comfort during those long walks. 

We’ve done our research, and we know what it takes for mail carriers to perform their jobs well. 

Our list of top-rated work boots will help ensure that you stay safe while delivering the mail in any kind of weather condition.

The Top 4 products Features:

Reebok CP8500

Reebok CP8500

Reebok Bb4500

Reebok Bb4500

Synthetic SoleLeather 85%, textile 15%
Shock EliminatorRubber sole
USPS approvedMid-cut design
100% American-madeVarious colors and designs
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Timberland TB0121352141

Timberland TB0121352141

Skechers 77222

Skechers 77222

100% leather 100% synthetic
EVA footbedSlip resistant
Waterproof shoesFlexible sole
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Here Are the Top 10 Best Shoes for Mail Carriers

All postal workers need a good pair of shoes because they keep their feet safe, comfortable, and ready for any job. When it’s time to buy shoes for work, you should always look at your needs so that you can get the best pair!

1. Reebok CP8500 Shoe for Mail Carriers

Reebok CP8500 Shoe for Mail Carriers

The Reebok Company is known for athletic performance and technology, including postal boots that are berry amendment compliant. Despite being durable, these work boots can still provide your feet with the support they need.

Reebok CP8500 is a USPS-approved work boot. This means that Reebok Shoes for Mail Carrier is made to withstand the daily wear and tear of all requirements they need. These are the best shoes for USPS workers.

They are also 100% American-made, so you know you’re getting a great product. The soft leather toe provides an extra layer of safety from any injuries that might occur.

Its synthetic sole is equipped with traction for both wet and dry conditions. This is perfect for mail carriers who walk on slippery surfaces or need to run out of any situation at a moment’s notice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Berry Amendment Compliant USPS Approved Leather
  • 100% American Made Quality
  • Synthetic Sole with Traction
  • Heel Cushion with Shock Eliminator

2. Reebok Bb4500 Men’s Shoes for Postal Carrier

Reebok Bb4500 Men's Shoes

The Reebok Bb4500 Hi2 is a great postal carrier shoe because it provides comfort, support, and durability. The upper part of the shoe is composed of leather and mesh, which provides breathability.

This Reebok Men’s Shoe for Mail Carrier is made of Leather 85%, textile 15%, and provides a cushion for your feet. The outer sole is made of gum rubber, which gives you traction while still being lightweight.

It is also known as high-performance sports shoes for walking, jogging, or other dress shoes. This shoe is one of the most popular ones among mail carriers because it’s affordable and of great quality.

You can choose from a variety of colors and designs. A mid-cut design and high-performance sports shoes are perfect for daily casual wear and athletic activities.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with Leather 85%, textile 15%
  • The outer sole is gum rubber
  • Mid-cut design for more stability
  • Lightweight design with cushion for your feet

3. Timberland TB0121352141 Men’s Shoes for Postal Carrier

Timberland TB0121352141 Men's

Timberland’s TB0121352141 boot is made from premium full-grain waterproof 100% durable leather, has seam-sealed construction, and is equipped with rust-proof speed-lacing hardware.

They’re durable and good-looking boots that will carry you through any conditions your job throws at you. The Timberland TB0121352141 Men’s Shoes for Mail Carrier is the best option for people who need to cover a lot of ground and remain comfortable.

With the black color option, you’ll be able to choose the best one to complement your uniform. They are versatile enough for any kind of weather or environment. Their rubber outsoles are slip-proof and challenging for your safety.

They’re incredibly comfortable to wear all day long, which is just one more reason they should be on the top of your list.

Highlighted Features:

  • Speed lace hooks at the top
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • EVA footbed for all-day comfort
  • Premium full-grain waterproof 100% leather construction

4. Skechers (77222) Shoes for Postal Carrier

Skechers (77222) Shoes

Skechers offers a wide variety of shoes for postal mail carriers to use, no matter what their job is. Mail carriers looking for durable and comfortable shoes may find this to be an option.

The Skechers (77222) Shoes for Mail Carrier are compounds of 100% synthetic materials. The material allows it to be slip-resistant as well as lightweight.

These shoes also contain memory foam and flexible soles that provide comfort when walking long distances throughout the day. This added feature will allow your feet to be relaxed while you are out on the job.

These shoes are available in different sizes. No matter what your profession is, it’s always best to wear comfortable shoes that also look professional while you’re at work!

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% synthetic materials
  • Have Lightweight Design
  • Professional looking
  • Slip-resistant to prevent accidents
  • Features memory foam and flexible soles
  • Available in different sizes

5. Under Armour (1276375) Military Shoes for Postal Carrier

Under Armour (1276375) Military

Under Armour military shoes are perfect for mail carriers who want to keep their feet safe while completing their routes. UA Storm technology provides the protection you need by providing water-repelling qualities without sacrificing breathability.

The Under Armour (1276375) Military Shoe for Mail Carrier designs is sleek and stylish with an internal composite toe for added comfort and safety. Its molded Eva midsole provides superior comfort, while the quick-dry design keeps your feet fresh all day long.

With leather and 900D nylon in the upper, these military shoes are ideal for an extended time in work. It also has rubber soles for traction on all surfaces and a fully polishable toe.

Moreover, they go well with casual outfits and your postal service uniform because of their versatility and sleek design.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uppers made of leather and 900D nylon
  • Molded Eva midsole for comfort
  • Sole made of rubber with traction on all surfaces
  • Fully polishable toe for safety
  • Water-repelling qualities
  • Quick-dry design for comfort

6. Brooks GTS 21 Shoe for Mail Carriers

Brooks GTS 21 Shoe

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is rated PDAC A5500 and granted the APMA Seal so that every carrier can have maximum comfort on their route. It provides an improved ride and reliable support for however your body moves.

The product is made with synthetic-and-mesh in the USA. It also has a rubber sole. This is perfect for all mail carriers, runners, the gym, or wherever you may want to go.

The DNA LOFT Crash Pad and BioMoGo DNA adapt to every stride you make for outstanding comfort and performance. Brooks GTS 21 Shoe for Mail Carrier feature a 3D fit print upper with engineered mesh that offers a streamlined fit without excess bulk.

Whether you’re in the city or rural areas, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 will keep you comfortable no matter what.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with synthetic-and-mesh
  • 3D fit print upper for a streamlined fit without excess bulk
  • Perforated design for lightweight and comfort
  • The rubber sole is flexible and durable
  • Available in different sizes and colors

7. Rocky FQ0005000 Walking Shoes for Mail Carriers

Rocky FQ0005000 Walking Shoes

Rocky is your trusted brand when it comes to the most suitable shoes for postal carriers. They are the leading brand for comfortable and best walking shoes for mail carriers.

Rocky FQ0005000 Oxford Shoe for Mail Carrier is made with 100% leather and has a non-metallic stabilizer. They have a TPU/PU outsole with SR USA postal approval.

Aegis Microbe Shield helps to prevent bacteria, fungus, and odor-causing agents from growing on this unit. You will also find a cushioned air-port footbed, which gives your feet warm the best possible comfort.

These walking shoes are available in black color. You can purchase this men’s work shoe in a size range from medium to extra wide. This is a pair of boots that helps you feel secure about your footing and stride, lasting for several years to come.

Highlighted Features:

  • SR USA Postal Approved shoes
  • Full-grain leather for added durability
  • Non-metallic stabilizer for safety
  • Available in different sizes and black color

8. Rockport WT CLASSIC Shock Eliminator Heel Cushion Shoes

Rockport WT CLASSIC Shock

Rockport has been supplying innovation-based quality, comfort, and performance in footwear since 1971, when they introduced high technology shoes.

The Rockport WT CLASSIC Shoe for Mail Carriers is innovative, supportive technology designed to help reduce foot fatigue when on your feet for long periods of time.

With their EVA midsole engineered shock absorber system, you can be sure you’ll have increased comfort and support with every step on a shock eliminator heel cushion. The full-grain 100% leather upper is durable, flexible, and gives you long-lasting wear.

It also has removable footbeds to roll in your orthotics, and the shoe comes with a padded collar and tongue for comfort. Lastly, its wide base construction provides stability and flexibility.

Highlighted Features:

  • Upper made of 100% leather
  • Removable footbeds for orthotics
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Wide base construction provides stability and flexibility

9. Reebok Men’s Black Shoes for Postal Carrier

Reebok Men's Black Shoes
Reebok shoes for postal carriers are available in a manner that ensures comfort and durability. This brand of shoes is known for its ability to get the job done and provide comfort while doing so.

They also come with a maximum polyurethane outsole, which is great for use on uneven ground. Attributes like waterproof leather, moisture-wicking lining, and cushioned soles provide safety and comfort when out in the field all day.

Reebok Men’s Black Shoe for Mail Carrier also comes with shock-absorption features, which protect both your body and feet from injuries while you work.

The lightweight design of the best mailman shoes also saves carriers from being weighed down by their boots. If you are working in the heat or cold, these shoes with soft toes will keep your feet protected and comfortable.

Highlighted Features:

  • A water-resistant leather
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • GORE-TEX fabric for extra protection
  • Cushioned soles prevent fatigue and injuries
  • The shock-absorption features reduce foot fatigue
  • Removable cushioned footbed
  • Maxum-Lite polyurethane outsole

10. SR Max Chukka Style Shoes for Postal Carrier Job

SR Max Chukka Style Shoes

SR Max company has your “feet” best interest in mind, so they made sure to offer the right balance of durability and support for all-day wear.

The SR Max Chukka Style Shoes for Mail Carrier provides workers exceptional comfort and protection against workplace hazards.

They are 100% leather with rubber soles to help prevent slips and falls on any terrain and allow proper traction in inclement weather.

They have PU midsole support to keep feet happy all day long. These shoes also come with PU suede upper fabric instead of the more expensive leather, which saves money elsewhere.

If you are looking for a high-quality work shoe that will help keep your feet comfortable throughout the day, then try the SR Max Chukka Style Shoes for postal carriers.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% leather with rubber sole
  • Mesh lining for breathability
  • PU midsole support offers excellent cushioning
  • Lightweight for all-day wear

These are the top 10 best shoes for mail carriers reviews. They are the most reliable shoes for the job. The materials used for each are durable, so they can withstand whatever everyday use may bring.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Mail Carriers

Choosing the best mail carrier shoes for your job is an important decision. When you find the right pair of shoes, you’ll want to hold onto them for a long time. Depending on your job, you may have to deal with all sorts of conditions and surfaces.

There are many things to consider when looking for the right shoes for your job. You might want to look at some of the following factors while you are choosing a new pair of shoes:

Durable Construction

You want to choose the best shoes for letter carriers that are made of durable materials. You want shoes that will withstand the weather and stand up to any terrain or surface you may come across in your workday.

The right materials will also help your feet warm to stay comfortable all day. Look for shoes that are made with quality insoles to provide extra support for your arches.

Type of Surface

The surface that you are walking on can have a huge impact on your choice of shoes. For instance, if you work outside in the winter, you’ll want to have a shoe that is waterproof, and these are the best walking shoes for mail carriers.

If you are working in the rain, it can also be important for your shoes to resist moisture.

If you are working inside, your shoes might need to be slip-resistant. Some indoor surfaces can be very slippery if they’re wet, so having shoes that can grip the surface is important.

Shoe Size

Another factor you might want to consider when choosing the right shoes for your job is shoe size. You must have a pair of shoes that fit properly.

You’ll want to make sure that there is plenty of space in the toe and heel areas. In addition, you’ll want a good fit across the arch of your foot.

Shoes that are too tight can easily make your foot uncomfortable or cause pain.

Safety and Comfort

Next, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a set of shoes that are both comfortable and safe.

You may also want to check if the best post office shoes are suitable for slip resistance. If you work in an area with a high risk of slips and falls, you need shoes that can resist falling.

Proper Cushioning

The shoes need to have plenty of cushioning. If you’re on your feet all day, it’s easy for your feet to become sore or even injured.

You’ll want a shoe that can absorb a lot of the shock from your steps and keep your feet feeling good the whole time you’re wearing them.

Ensure Durability

It’s also important to choose a shoe that will last. Your shoes will take a lot of wear and tear, so you might want to look for a pair that has a strong material upper.

This will help prevent rips and tears from forming, which can lead to future issues. In addition, it’s a good idea to find a pair of shoes that are easy to take care of.

Weighing and Gripping

The shoe shouldn’t be too heavy or too light. You want to make sure that you choose a shoe that is the right weight for you.

Additionally, it’s important to consider how well the shoe grips the floor. If you work somewhere where there is a risk of slipping and falling, make sure that the shoe grips properly.

The Budget:

When you spend your days on your feet, you want to buy the most comfortable pair of shoes that your budget will allow.

You can find a wide range of prices when it comes to the best mail carrier shoes so that these choices will be within your price range.

While you are choosing a brand-new pair of footwear, make sure that you consider all of these factors. If you need a new pair of shoes for work, go ahead and take a look at the list above. We selected each shoe for its safety, comfort, and value.

Why Should You Use the Best Shoes for Mail Carriers?

Postal carriers walk many times a day and make sure your feet remain comfortable. Additionally, it is one of the most effective ways to ensure your long-term health.

There are several reasons why using the best footwear for postal carriers is essential.

NO #1: Shoes Keep You Safe

A good pair of shoes will keep you from slipping and falling, keeping your feet safe. Slipping is especially dangerous for someone who walks as often as a postal carrier does.

The wrong shoe can also cause blisters, which will slow you down and lead to other issues. It is important that your foot feels secure and comfortable every time you put on your best shoes for mail carriers.

If you choose the right pair of shoes, your feet won’t get tired and sore at the end of a long day either. 

NO #2: Shoes Keep You Comfortable

A comfortable pair of shoes will allow you to remain focused on the task at hand rather than the pain that your feet are feeling. If a postal carrier is uncomfortable, their performance will suffer, and they will more likely be injured.

NO #3: Shoes Are Part of Your Uniform

Mail carriers are required to wear a uniform. This includes appropriate, professional clothing and the best footwear for the job.

It would not be appropriate to send a carrier out without proper footwear or if their shoes didn’t fit your uniform policy.

NO #4: Shoes Help You Do Your Job

The best shoes for postal workers are those that help you to do your job well. The right pair of shoes will help you be able to walk for miles without straining your feet.

Shoes are one of the most important aspects of your uniform because they keep you safe and comfortable while you do your work.

NO #5: Shoes Can Save You Money In The Long Run

The more comfortable your footwear, the less likely you are to be injured. An injury received while at work is not only embarrassing but it is also time-consuming and costly.

Overall, it is vital to find the best shoes for postal carriers because they keep you safe, give you more energy for your job, and can save you money in the long run.

Mail Carriers Safety When Wearing Shoes

There are several safety issues that you need to consider when wearing a pair of shoes for work:

i) Slipping and Falling

ii) Keeping Your Footwear Clean

iii) Keeping Your Feet Safe

iv) Insulation from Cold Temperatures

v) Cushioning for Long Periods of Standing and Walking

vi) Protection from Rough Surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that postal carriers have about the best shoes for their job. We’ve found a few common questions and provided them with answers below:

1. What Are the Best Shoes for Mail Carriers?

The post office has specific regulations for the best letter carrier shoes like Reebok CP8500, Timberland TB0121352141, Skechers 77222, Under Armour 1276375, Brooks GTS 21, etc.

This is because the postal carriers fulfill their dress code and provide them with practical, comfortable walking shoes to use regularly.

2. Do Mail Carriers Have To Wear Certain Shoes?

Mail carriers have to wear the best shoes for their job approved by the postal service, but these shoes are different for every carrier.

The specific requirements of your post office will determine what kind of shoe you need to wear.

3. What Kind Of Shoes Do USPS Employees Wear?

The post office does not have a specific style or brand of footwear that is required. Rather, USPS CCA shoes make sure that your shoes are aesthetically pleasing enough to match their uniform standards.

4. Do Mail Carriers Have To Wear Black Shoes?

There is no requirement to wear black shoes, but wearing the color of your uniform shirt will prevent you from standing out. One way to do this would be by wearing black shoes.

5. What Kind of Durable Shoes Do Mail Carriers Need?

Durability is extremely important when it comes to mail carriers. Whether you are spending the day outside or inside of a building, your shoes need to be able to handle whatever situation they are put in.

The best shoes for postal carriers will last through rain, snow, ice, and anything else that nature might throw at them.

6. What Does Postal Certified Footwear Mean?

It means that your footwear has been approved by your post office for use while working. The shoes are slip-resistant and will keep you protected while working, and also look professional.

7. Will My Best Postal Shoes Last For A Long Time?

This depends entirely on the specific kind of work you are doing. If you are required to be outside for most of the day, your shoes may not last as long. If you are inside or walking around most of the time, you will probably get a longer lifespan.


The best shoes for mail carriers are slip-resistant and safety-certified. They should be able to handle whatever conditions they might face along their route.

You must wear the most suitable shoes for your job because it could make a difference when working. Once you have picked out the correct pair, be sure to wear them in before you start delivering mail to make them fit perfectly!

By the end of this article, we hope you understand why it is important for all mail carriers to wear the best shoes that they can afford.


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