The Best Shoes for Physical Therapists in 2021 | Top 9 Picks

Most physical therapists will often find themselves talking about recommended shoes to their patients. But who will talk about shoes for physical therapists? That is where we step in. 

As a physical therapist, you might find it a bit funny when people suggest getting the best shoes for physical therapists. However, there is no denying therapists need to be on their feet for a large part of the day. Proper therapist shoes will offer not only the right amount of comfort to stand for long hours.

But trust us — not all shoes offer comfort, support, and protection at the right amount. Some even promote foot pain and make it impossible to stand for long hours. And once you go through this article, your chances of ending up with one of them will be thin as a hair.


Best Shoes for Men Physical Therapists

First, let us talk about the PT shoes that will feel like heaven to wear for a male physical therapist. And the list that we have huddled after testing tons of comfortable shoes goes something like this:

DOUSSPRT Men’s Aqua Shoes

DOUSSPRT Men's Water Shoes
From our observations, we can say that most physical therapists wear something more of running shoes than dress shoes. And the first pick for the best shoes for physical therapists, in that case, would be this offering Doussprt.


The first thing that makes it stand out more than other physiotherapy shoes is the design. It features a versatile design that can make it act like running shoes, walking shoes, tennis shoes, and, finally, good shoes for therapists.

Color Options

When it comes to color options, you will find plenty of them for these shoes. There are a total of 14 colors available. All of them come with loop walking shoe ties that blend reasonably well with the design.

Breathable and Lightweight

The overall construction is mainly of breathable mesh. That makes the shoe lightweight and highly breathable. There is a breathable upper upgraded sole, which will take the breathable nature to another level. So, comfort is something you will not have to worry about for this physical therapist shoes.


Another thing that makes these the right shoes for a physical therapist is the fit they can offer. The elastic collar makes it easier to get a proper fit on shoes. Also, it has a high-quality rubber shoelace that is highly adjustable. 

DLGJPA Men’s Aqua Walking Shoes

DLGJPA Men's Aqua Walking Shoes

What if we told you that you could get a breathable slip-on that does not have a long break-in period? Wouldn’t it be nice to get physical therapist-approved shoes such as that? Well, DLGJPA is offering something exactly like that!


The material is one of the first things that makes this a worthy pick for the best shoes for physical education and physical therapists. It utilizes a mesh fabric that has a short break-in time and makes the shoe breathable.


When it comes to the design, it will keep most of your upper feet and toes covered. And thanks to the slip-on design, you will not have to struggle that much while trying to wear this shoe. The heel grid system will make the wearing process easier.


These walking shoes feature a proper rubber outsole. It is highly flexible and is slip-resistant. You will be capable of getting a high amount of control while wearing these shoes. 

Fast Drying and Breathable

As you know by now, mesh fabric dries easily. And the same case will be applicable for these shoes. Also, the mesh upper sole will ensure that air can go through the entire body properly.

Saucony Men’s Seasonal Guide

Saucony Men's Seasonal Guide

The Saucony Women’s Cohesion is pretty popular in the market. However, Saucony is not only well-known for offering proper shoes only for women. They are good at providing good occupational therapist shoes for men too.


Just like the Saucony Women’s Cohesion, these shoes will provide you with a proper fit. The mesh upper side and proper upper design will give the maximum support while providing the right fit on your feet.


These feature fascia fabric upper side along with the mesh. That fabric will even provide good overall arch support. The shoes also integrate a TPU guidance frame, which will provide 360 degrees of stable cushioning.


The brand did not back down one bit when it came to comfort. These shoes have soft EVA formulations, which will provide the comfort that physical therapists prefer.


You will not even have to worry about the fit. Even though it does not have a slip-on design, it has proper shoe ties. And no, these are not like the regular dual-strap closures that make the shoes a bit stiff.


Best Shoes for Women Physical Therapists

Just like men, there are plenty of women occupational therapists. And like the ones we have mentioned above, we found a couple of great shoes for therapists that will be a proper fit for a woman’s feet.

Women’s Shoes Sock Sneakers

Slow Man Women's Walking Shoes
Having many reflective elements does not usually make the shoes look good. Instead, a proper design coupled with good build quality does. And that exactly is what Slow Man had in mind.


As we mentioned, the design of these shoes makes them well worthy of being the best shoes for physical therapy. Even though it does not rely on mesh and faux leather, the toe box with the design of the body makes it stand out a lot.


The brand utilized a combination of materials for these shoes. You will find a high elastic MD outsole, along with a mesh upper side. The rubber outsole is high in quality and is not like the average rubber sole that average shoes will come with. So, these shoes will last for a long time.


These shoes have a perforated arch for letting air come through. There is an air cushion present on the shoes as well. That will make sure that your feet do not get excessively hot.

Flexibility and Comfort

These shoes have the alternative of Solyte midsole that Skechers performance men’s go utilizes. That makes them exceptionally flexible. And even though it does not have a bamboo-lined footbed, it will be capable of providing an intense amount of comfort.


ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 23

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 23
While looking for the best shoe for physical therapist, you might want to get something that has a higher shock-absorbing capability. Well, in that case, you should take a look at what ASICS is offering here.

Shock Absorption Capability

These shoes utilize gel-infused memory foam. This foam will offer a cushioning effect, which will let the units achieve a higher shock absorption capability. So, your entire foot will be protected from shocks and impacts.

Comfort and Flexibility

The shoes opt for a latex arch insert to enhance the support. Paired with a rubber sole, it achieves a higher overall flexibility level. Also, thanks to the FlyteFoam Propel technology, it can provide a supreme level of bounce and comfort.

Ventilation and Support

There is multi-directional mesh on these shoes. That enhances the airflow rate and increases breathability. Also, thanks to the padded collar and tapering midfoot design, these can offer a tremendous amount of support. A physical therapist with flat feet will even get the right amount of arch support from these.

Options and Water-Resistance

You will find these shoes in loads of color options. Depending on your dress code, you can choose one from 21 different colors. And for the mesh and rubber sidewalls, you can wear these without any worries on wet surfaces.


Skechers Women’s D’Lites

The lineup Skechers Performance is well-known and pretty popular. Likewise, the D’Lites is pretty famous too. Want to know what these shoes are capable of offering? Read through the entire review!


Let us first talk about the construction materials of these shoes. The brand has opted for synthetic fabrics and faux leather. Both of them are high in quality and make the shoes achieve a higher overall durability level.


You will be amazed at the design of these shoes. The synthetic mesh and faux leather blend exceptionally well. And like the Skechers Performance lineup, these shoes should look reasonably good with your dress code. We would even go ahead and say that these are the best dress shoes for physical therapy professionals.


The brand has opted for a proper mesh design on these shoes. This material has anti-bacterial, odor control, and breathable characteristics. So, your feet will not get excessively hot when you are wearing these shoes.

Arch Support

Just like what you might expect from an offering from Skechers, the arch support is pretty high for these shoes. The amount of support it offers will keep your feet stable while moving from one place to another.


Best Sneakers for Physical Therapy

Apart from regular shoes, you might be a physical therapist that prefers sneakers. Well, this list is exclusively for you!

Skechers Men’s Afterburn

Skechers Men's Afterburn
Are you on the lookout for the best shoes for physical therapists that do not skimp one bit on the arch support? You need to check out the Afterburn!

Arch Support

As mentioned, the shoes do not back down one bit when it comes to the arch support. There are padded collar and support overlays. Those two will keep your feet stable while you are running from one place to other.


The shoes do not lag behind in terms of design as well. These utilize a proper heel height and have metal top eyelets. Also, there are loads of color options that you can choose from.

Build Quality

We were pretty impressed with the build quality. The brand has opted for high-quality leather and synthetic mesh. Due to the high-quality nature of the fabrics, you will not have to worry about the lifespan of these shoes.


Even the comfort level of the shoes is stellar. The shoes opt for cushioned mesh tongues. That will make your feet feel like they are on clouds. Also, there is a mesh upper overlay, which will ensure your feet do not get excessively hot.


Skechers Women’s D’Lites Lace-up

Skechers Women's D'Lites Lace-up

If you are looking for the best shoes for a physical therapist that can provide a high level of control, look no further because Skechers has got what you were looking for all this time.


The shoes focus more on control. It has a rubber sole on the outside that will provide a good enough grip on most of the surfaces. You will find yourself getting proper control on the wet surfaces as well.

Sleek Design

These shoes come with sleek overall outlooks. There is smooth-edged trim on the exterior. As it comes in tons of color and design options, you will surely get something that will blend well with your dress code.


Even though most of the shoe is of leather and rubber, there are mesh overlays. Those will ensure that enough air gets inside the shoe. So, your feet will stay cool even if you wear these for an extended amount of time.


The brand has opted for high-quality materials. Starting from the overlay panels to the ties, all of them are high in quality. For that reason, you can expect these to last for a prolonged amount of time.


Adidas Unisex-Child Grand Court Shoes

Adidas Unisex-Child Grand Court Shoes
Have comparatively small feet? Well, looking for the best shoes for physical therapists is probably hard for you. But not anymore! These shoes from Adidas have got your back.


There are loads of size options available for this offering. Even though the sizes might have “kid” on the label, they would be a perfect fit for an adult with small feet.


You will not have to worry about the fit at all. These offer a regular fit, have adequate ties and hook-and-loop closure straps on the top. Those will allow you to adjust the fit and get a proper overall fit on your feet.


The shoes come with a rubber outsole that can provide a higher overall grip. You will find it easier to gain control over your movements on most of the surface. Also, the design on the bottom will ensure you get adequate traction outdoors.


These feature a leather upper layer. The leather is high in quality and is reasonably sturdy. So, the shoes will pass the test of time and allow you to get extended overall use out of them.


What to Look for Before You Buy?

Recommending the best shoes for rehabilitation to the patients might seem like an easy task. But when it comes to choosing one for yourself, things can get a bit challenging. 

Well, apart from just considering the shoes that we have recommended, choosing one of the proper models can become easy if you keep these factors in your mind:


First and foremost, you need to keep the comfort level in your mind. Some of the brands will even integrate a pigskin insole on their offerings to provide a higher level of comfort. But that is not absolutely necessary to get a certain level of comfort.

Proper cushioning on the inside coupled with an excellent overall design can provide a higher comfort level. And we would recommend getting the models that do have these traits.


The second thing you need to consider before making a purchase is support. Without a proper amount of support, walking and standing can become painful. It will also highly depend on the overall design. The better the design on the upper portion and arch, the higher the support you will get.


Another thing that needs to be in your mind is whether the shoes are breathable or not. Usually, if an offering does not have any mesh, they are less likely to be breathable. The breathable nature allows the shoes to pass air through. And that would make your feet less sweaty and less likely to get extremely hot.


Even if the shoes offer a tremendous amount of comfort and support, you will not be capable of getting an extended use out of them if they are not durable. And for this, the construction materials will play an important role. The higher the quality of the materials, the more durable the units will be.

So, we would recommend picking up shoes that are of high-quality mesh, leather, and rubber. Those will have a higher overall lifespan and will be capable of providing you extended service.


The grip is all that matters when it comes to walking shoes. You will not be capable of getting proper control over your movements if you opt for a shoe that can not offer a good amount of grip. Now, which ones actually offer the right amount of grip? The ones with rubber outsoles!

However, just the sole is not the only thing here. The bottom needs to have a proper design too. So, keep that in mind when you are scrutinizing the shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. What shoes do physical therapists wear?

Usually, you will find them wearing running and walking shoes. However, most of the walking and running shoes available out there do not offer good comfort for standing for an extended amount of time.

b. Do physical therapists wear scrubs?

If you are not aware of what scrubs are, they are comfortable and loose-fitting cotton pants and shirts. And most of the professional therapists will wear scrubs. These are easy to wear, can offer comfort for hours, and are breathable. For that reason, instead of regular dresses, you will find therapists wearing scrub.

However, the color of the scrubs will vary from one member to another. The laboratory members will generally wear wine-colored scrubs, while some pharmacy techs will wear white. That said, blue and green are pretty popular too.

c. Do physical therapists use stethoscopes?

That will depend on the member and their role. For the cardiopulmonary physiotherapist, a stethoscope is an absolute necessity. It will let the professional listen to lung and heart sounds.

d. Are shoes for physician therapists worth it?

The best shoes for physician therapists offer a tremendous amount of comfort, support and are usually highly durable. Considering that, we would say that they are 100 percent worth it.

e. What color of shoes should I get?

Consider the color that will blend well with your outfit. Also, instead of getting the flashy designs, we would recommend opting for those that look sleek and relatively modern while choosing the best shoe for PT.

Final Words

Professional therapists do a load for us. As a way of saying thank you, we have come up with a list of the best shoes for physical therapists. And we can assure you that whichever model you pick from our list, you will end up with something that provides a high level of comfort and support. So, choose one with full confidence.


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