New Balance Vs Nike Sizing [Sizing Charts & Measurement Guidance]

There’s nothing more crucial than finding the right size when it comes to buying shoes. Whether you’re switching from Nike to New Balance or New Balance to Nike, getting the right idea about sizing is a must. So, we’ll be learning New Balance vs Nike sizing today. 

The first thing to know about these two brands is that New Balance runs true to size, whereas Nike does not. So, let’s find out how you can determine the right size for yourself without any further ado.

New Balance Vs Nike Sizing

New Balance Vs Nike Sizing

When buying new balance shoes, there’s no need to worry about whether the shoes will run small or large because they’re true to size. In comparison, Nike shoes tend to run a bit smaller than most competitors. And this is true for both the length and width of the shoe. 

So, naturally, if you have wide feet, you may not find Nike very comforting. On the contrary, users with a high arch will feel a lot better in a pair of Nike. 

To avoid confusion about sizing, you should always stick to the size chart a particular brand provides. Most brands follow different sizing guides. That’s why Nike and Puma run smaller, Adidas runs bigger, and New Balance is true to size. 

Sizing Guide For New Balance

You’ll find available sizes for New Balance shoes in the tables below. Don’t forget to be precise while measuring the shoe size with your feet. 

New Balance Size Chart- Men

The following table contains different sizes of New Balance shoes for Men. 

Feet Measurement In CM 222324252627282930
US Men Size456789101112
EU Men Size3637.538.54041.542.5444546.5
UK Men Size3.

If you can’t find your size on the table above, don’t worry. Some sizes fall in between these measurements. Look at the table below for more sizes of New Balance shoes. 

Feet Measurement In CM 22.523.524.525.526.527.528.529.530.5
US Men Size4.
EU Men Size373839.540.5424344.545.547
UK Men Size456789101112

New Balance Size Chart- Women

The following table states the size measurements for New Balance women’s shoes.

Feet Measurement In CM 212223242526272829303132
US Women Size456789101112131415
EU Women Size343536.537.53940.541.4434445.546.548
UK Women Size2345678910111213

The below table contains some more sizing options for New Balance women’s shoes. 

Feet Measurement In CM 21.522.523.524.525.526.527.528.529.530.5
US Women Size4.
EU Women Size34.5363738404142.543.545.546.5
UK Women Size2.

Sizing Guide For Nike 

Nike Size Chart- Men

The following table states all the round figures of measurement in CM of Nike men’s shoes.

Feet Measurement In CM 232424252627282930313233
US Men Size45.56789101112131415
EU Men Size363838.5404142.544454647.548.549.5
UK Men Size3.555.567891011121314

If you didn’t find your precise size on the table above, here are some more in-between sizes from Nike. 

Feet Measurement In CM 22.523.523.524.525.526.527.528.529.530.531.532.5
US Men Size3.54.556.
EU Men Size35.536.537.53940.5424344.545.5474849
UK Men Size344.566.

Nike Size Chart- Women

The chart below is the rounded-up measurements in CM for Nike shoes for women. 

Feet Measurement In CM 212223242526272829303132
US Women Size456789101112131415
EU Women Size34.535.536.5383940.5424344.545.54748
UK Women Size1.

Some more sizes offered by Nike are given below. 

Feet Measurement In CM 21.522.523.524.525.526.527.528.529.530.531.5
US Women Size4.
EU Women Size353637.538.5404142.544454647.5
UK Women Size23456789101112

Things To Keep In Mind To Get The Perfect Fit 

  • Take measurements of your feet by using a blank piece of paper using CM as the unit. Then, check your desired shoe brand’s sizing chart to determine what size suits you the most. 
  • Don’t use the same standard of measurement for every brand. Always check the brand’s chart you’ll be buying. 
  • When buying a pair from the store, make sure you use the same socks you’ll be using after buying. 
  • Check the shoe’s specification. Some shoes are more suitable for users with narrow feet, whereas others may be more suitable for wider feet. 
  • Consider the purpose before buying a pair. Some shoes are great for specific sports, while others may be excellent for running. 
  • Avoid using your old shoes to determine your size. 
  • When buying online, ensure that there’s a return or exchange option if the shoe doesn’t fit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does New Balance compare to Nike? 

Nike shoes are comparatively smaller and narrower compared to New Balance shoes. That’s why Nike is more suitable for people with narrow feet and a high arch, whereas New Balance is suitable for a wide range of users, including those with wide feet. 

Q. How do I measure my shoe size?

Stand on a blank piece of paper and measure your bigger feet in CM. Compare the measurement with the brand’s size chart to know the suitable one for you. 

Final Words

Most users prioritize comfort while purchasing a pair of shoes, and comfort is directly related to suitable sizing. The comparison between New Balance vs Nike sizing comes to mind when someone switches from one brand to another. 

Remember that the comfort level also depends on the purpose of the shoe, the socks you’re using, the structure of that particular model, and many other relevant criteria. But, as long as the size is concerned, ensure to get the right fit to avoid any hassle of returning or exchanging the shoe. 

Measure your feet, check the chart, and get the pair.  

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